• Higher bonding and adhesion strength
  • Quicker and cleaner work; avoids transport of materials like cement, sand etc. Neat and clea
    permanent Bonding
  • Non saponifying type therefore no loss of strengths over passage of time
  • Waterproof and avoids fungus growth, non shrink 
  • Suitable for interior, exterior and underwater application 
  • Allows correction of tiles within setting time
  • Very economical on account of thin bed method
  • Better workability to enable quicker work rhythm leading to improved efficiency
  • Avoids recurrings recurrings maintenance costs
  • High flexibility to thermal counteract stresses
  • Eliminates pre-wetting of tiles, tiles, stones etc
  • Eliminates batting of tiles and therefore no breakage and wastage
  • Avoids iron staining of marble slabs
  • Confirm to classification C1T as per EN 12004


  • Fixing ceramic and other tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and facades
  • Fixing tiles on floor, walls
  • Laying of mosaic tiles, nature stones, marble tiles etc
  • Fixing of gas concrete blocks, insulation boards, polystyrene boards, gypsum boards etc
  • Leveling and repairing of cementitious surfaces
  • As a slurry coat before tiling on absorbent surfaces
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