Established over 55 years ago, MC-Bauchemie is one of the leading international producers of building chemical products and technologies. With more than 2,500 employees in over 40 countries, MC has acquired a renowned reputation for sophisticated and advanced solutions and technologies. Since three generations MC-Bauchemie operates as a privately held company which seeks for long-term perspective and consistency in its relations.MC-Bauchemie (India) Private Limited is 100% subsidiary of MC-Bauchemie, Germany. MC-Bauchemie focuses on continuous innovation of new construction chemicals depending upon the need of the clients. Our technical personnel in India and Germany are in constant touch with the constructional and waterproofing problems faced by the Civil Engineering Industry and try to develop exact solutions to fit requirements

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We take building seriously.

Be Sure. Build Sure.

Each product can play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity both of a whole structure and of any repair work done on it. Choosing the wrong material or using it incorrectly can lead to damage in building components and in extreme cases, it may even endanger life. That is why we take such care with each and every project.
We provide our customers with individual advice and the best solution – contributing to the peace of mind of all participants.
We regard construction as a serious matter.
Be sure!

How we work

We combine the expertise of mineralogists, concrete technologists and materials scientists from our in-house laboratories with the know-how of our construction engineers and specialist advisers assigned to sites around the world. Maintaining short communication paths, these experts work together wherever required in order to find the most appropriate solution to the specific tasks facing planners, contractors and clients. They will travel anywhere to ensure that each solution is correctly and reliably implemented.

  • Innovative products & solutions 
  • 10 % of workforce in Research and Development department 
  • Technical Support & Customer focus 
  • State of the art production technology 
  • Technical documentation & quality control 
  • Constant dialog with the market


Our customers have very individual requirements, whether it be in the manufacture of concrete or in the construction and repair of civil engineering, industrial, low-rise or high-rise structures. Consequently, we provide our customers with tailored solutions in the following three market segments: MC for Concrete Industry, MC for Infrastructure & Industry and MC for Buildings.

  • MC for
    Concrete Industry

    Manufacturers of ready-mix concrete, precast concrete components and concrete goods benefit from the high quality of our concrete and mortar admixtures, our curing and release agents, and also our concrete cosmetic products.

  • MC for
    Infrastructure & Industry

    Planners, architects, developers, public authorities and applicators can rely on the high technical quality of our protection and repair systems for engineering structures and industrial builds, backed up by a unique level of service and support.

  • MC for

    Promoters, developers, architects, planners and applicators find the best solutions for building construction at MC – from the planning and tendering phase right through to implementation.


Aside from direct sales leveraging our own technical expertise, MC also supplies products to the trade, enabling resellers to also benefit from the quality that derives from our extensive research and development. We market our trade products under various brands, with the associated communications and portfolio structures adapted to each individual target audience.

customers in
every aspect

“We understand the customer as a long-term partner and build a close personal relationship.”

This quote of our founder Heinrich W. Mueller (*1915/†2010) continues to be one of our main principles. We really take time to fully understand the challenges and needs of our partners. From beginning to end, we ensure that our customer gets the best possible support and advice.

We don’t leave our customers alone with our products

Whether in the client’s office or on site, we are always where our partners need us. We carefully listen and slip into the customer’s role to really understand his desires and needs. Backed up by decades of experience and ongoing research and development, we know how to get to the root of a problem and produce detailed solutions to achieve the expected outcome.

  • Personally tailored specialist advice and support
  • Individual, practical solutions backed up by decades of experience 
  • Tailored made solutions

Education & Training

The biggest part of the success of a project depends on the capacity and know-how of the involved people. Therefore, one of our main targets is to improve the overall knowledge of the market. We want to make sure that all stakeholders can get access to the information which is necessary to accomplish their project satisfying. Thus we run various national and international training courses and events in which we promote information regarding new trends in construction, besides explaining what should be done to make sure that a theoretical solution turns into practical success.

  • Continuous know-how transfer
  • Application courses and seminars
  • Education and certification of applicators
  • Presence in universities & institutes

Dialogue with the Market

Besides training the market, we promote platforms which serve as an effective know-how exchange in the construction sector. A good example is MC-Forum, a well know event, where industry professionals provide and discuss information on general developments and trends in the market. The exchange of information helps both our customers and us to stay updated on cutting-edge expertise and to be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

  • MC-Forum and related symposia
  • Dialog with industry professionals
  • Exchange with customers and other stakeholders

Always one step ahead of the standard

The R&D work that goes into the establishment of new products and systems is integral to our corporate culture and a major contributor to our success. In the course of the last five decades-plus, we have developed several products that have gone on to become industrial standards.

Dedicated to innovation

The research and development work that goes into the establishment of new products and systems is integral to our corporate culture and a major contributor to the success enjoyed by MC. One tenth of our workforce are employed in the Research & Development division. We are also regular contributors to national and international research projects, and cooperate with universities and external material testing institutes.

  • 10% of workforce in Research & Development
  • One of the industries broadest product range
  • Dialog with customers for continuous improvement

Developing the standards of tomorrow

From this fertile soil grow innovative ideas and solutions aligned to the specific requirements of our partners and their projects. Indeed, in the course of the last five decades-plus, we have developed a number of products and systems that have gone on to become industrial standards, offering value-adding benefits such as previously unattainable performance, easier application under difficult weather conditions, improved resource efficiency and, not least, greater occupational safety.


Utilising the most advanced technology in harness with the extensive expertise of our people, we produce at more than 20 manufacturing plants around the world construction materials of the highest quality. All our activities are based on the principles of quality and customer dedication, and our manufacturing operations are no different.

  • Cutting-edge PCE production
  • Quality management system
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • Health & safety system


  • Expert Proof

    Expert Proof an innovative polymer-based bonding technology that brings a new perspective in building waterproofing sector. Expert Proof thick coatings are 100% bitumen-free solutions for waterproofing.

  • DySC® technology

    With DySC® (Dynamic SynCrystallization), we have developed a revolutionary technology that reduces the porosity in cement-bound building materials to the point of insignificance and allows building materials of extreme resistance, impermeability and durability.

  • PCE technology

    We manufacture a new generation of concrete and mortar admixtures on the basis of polycarboxylate ethers (PCE). Our own, patented process in line with the latest state of the art allows us to develop, test and produce concrete and mortar admixtures independently, quickly and more accurately aligned to customer requirements.

MC Story

From local German company to global player. From 25 to more than 2.500 employees. A brief history of MC-Bauchemie - a success story.

  • 1960S & 1970S

    Heinrich W. Müller (*1915 / †2010) founded the company in Essen, part of the Ruhr region, in 1961. In 1963 he built a production plant for concrete and mortar admixtures in Bottrop, a neighbouring town of Essen. The ensuing years saw the company go from strength to strength. In the course of the 1970s, MC spread its business across West Germany. Expansion beyond Germany’s borders began in 1970 with the establishment of an operation in France.

  • 1980S

    When the company founder’s sons – Dr.-Ing. Claus-M. Müller and Dr. jur. Bertram R. Müller (*1952/†2012) – joined the board, MC-Bauchemie accelerated its expansion into Europe. Once established in Ireland, our sister company drove the process of establishing numerous further subsidiaries within Europe and, from the mid-1980s, even further afield: in January 1985, MC founded its first company outside Europe in New Bombay, India.

  • 1990S

    Following the political changes that took place in Eastern Europe and Germany’s reunification, MC began in 1990 to build up sales and distribution organisations in eastern Germany and, in the years that followed, established sales, distribution and production facilities in other central and eastern european countries, such as Poland where MC started its activities in 1993.

  • 2000S

    From the turn of the millennium, MC made further progress on the internationalisation front: MC Brazil was formed as a regional production platform to serve South America, while MC-Taiwan was established to participate in one of the biggest construction projects Taiwan has ever seen – that of its high-speed railway.

  • 2010s
    Expansion in Asia and South America is progressing

    In 2012, MC starts its own business in Guinea to gain a foothold in the growing West African market. Later another company in Ghana follows. The expansion in South America and Asia continues, too: in 2015, MC founds a joint venture in Chile, the MC Bautek Chile, and in 2017 the joint venture MC-BIFI Bauchemie in Vietnam.

From 25 to more than 2,500 employers

Today, the family-run company is one of the leading international manufacturers of building chemical products and technologies. It is managed by Dr. Claus‐Michael Müller, Dr. Ekkehard zur Mühlen, and Nicolaus Müller, the founder’s grandson. MC researches, develops and produces speciality construction materials and product systems for both new builds and the repair and restoration of structures of all kinds and operates in more than 40 countries around the world – from South America and Europe, through the Middle East and Africa and on to South-East Asia.

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