Montan Injections used for subsoil stabilization and slab lifting

Aug 30, 2021

Foundation problems are caused when soils under foundations either swell up as they absorb water or shrink as they lose water. Soil injection is used to reduce or eliminate the ability of the soil to shrink or swell as the water content changes. It uses non-toxic, water-soluble chemicals that are injected into the ground under your building. Successful injection measures result from high-performance materials combined with optimum application technology, with expert planning and execution ensuring that the injection systems perform to their maximum. MC- Bauchemie provides a range of soil injection systems- MC-Montan Injekt for improving bearing capacity, restoring settlements, stabilization of soil & rock masses and slab lifting. 

Property requirements for soil injection

  • Injectability (Viscosity + Surface tension)
  • Variable reaction time
  • Low-temperature development 
  • Volume constant hardening
  • Defined foaming factor 
  • Water independent reaction 
  • Solid and water content
  • Strength and elasticity
  • Water tightness/permeability
  • Long term durability
  • Environmentally compatible

All these requirements are met by the MC-Montan Injekt range of products.

MC-Montan Injekt is specifically developed for variable applications. Its product range consists of;

  • MC-Montan Injekt F– Force-transmitting duromer resins used for sealing and strengthening. It has low-viscosity and variable reactivity control.  It offers high compressive and tensile strength and expands in contact with water.
  • MC-Montan Injekt C– organ-mineral resins used for consolidation. It comes with optimum flow properties and short reaction times. The product’s curing action remains unaffected by water presence.
  • MC-Montan Injekt D– Ductile filling & sealing injection resins.  It has low-viscosity and offers very good injectability. It also comes with water-displacing and limited-foaming features.
  • MC-Montan Injekt T– hydro-structural resins for sealing and bonding. It has water-like flow properties, offers high flexibility, bond strength, controllable reaction times and good formability properties.

Montan injections used for project applications

Structural stability depends on having foundation soil of sufficient bearing capacity despite differing strata, compositions and varying water interference. Water penetrating into the excavation pit, and loose rock slipping down trench walls can considerably disrupt the construction process. MC injection systems ensure safe and secure building conditions and reliable construction scheduling. If the foundation of a building has to be corrected even long after its completion, consolidating, reinforcing and lifting injection technologies can be reliably deployed to resolve the issue. Geo-technical injections represent a particular challenge, and MC maintains its own production line for this speciality field.

MC-Bauchemie has decades of experience when it comes to developing innovative injection systems for sealing and solidification of rocks and ground and for fixing and uplifting concrete slabs. The company provides injection technology based on practice-proven materials and efficient techniques combined as complete, integrated systems, along with useful application instructions and information. 

To explore their full range of systems, visit our website: or call at +91 22 2757 0803 and benefit from their expertise!

Montan Injections used for subsoil stabilization and slab lifting
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