New software Lasoft 4.0

May 10, 2016

For many years now, carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP) in the form of strips, plates or CF sheets have been used to restore and increase the load-bearing capacity of structural components. The CFRP elements are adhesive-bonded to the existing structure to augment its tensile reinforcement. Structural engineers can call upon a number of different software products for the dimensioning and design of such reinforcing measures. But now MC-Bauchemie has launched a new version of its own Lasoft design software, developed on the basis of the latest DAfStb (German Committee for Reinforced Concrete) code of practice. As such, it is currently unmatched in the marketplace. Unlike other programs to date, Lasoft 4.0, comprises not just a dimensioning but also a structural analysis capability, which means it offers greater convenience and time-saving efficiency than conventional dimensioning software packages. 
The strengthening of reinforced concrete structures with CFRP strips, plates or CF sheets offers major advantages over conventional reinforcing measures with steel: Aside from minimal intervention in the fabric of the structure and minimal reduction in useful structural height, such reinforcing measures also offer the benefits of low intrinsic weight, fast application times and compelling cost efficiency. Hence they are destined to remain a feature of structural design. The software packages available to date for the dimensioning of CFRP reinforcement are pure size calculation programs. Their disadvantage is that the structural analysis validations, the stress resultants and the internal force variables have to be computed with a separate program or calculated by hand. By contrast, new Lasoft 4.0 from MC-Bauchemie offers both a dimensioning and a structural analysis capability, enabling fast and simple computation of the stresses and reliable dimensioning of plane beam structures. The software both computes the requisite CFRP plate or strip cross section and provides the necessary engineering validations. The structural design and dimensioning capability of the Lasoft 4.0 package is based on the DAfStb code of practice “Strengthening of Concrete Structures with Adhesively Bonded Reinforcement” (March 2012). Validation of the bending moment capacity is provided on the basis of the relevant intermediate crack element. The software will also provide validation of shear capacity and fatigue at the ultimate limit state, and also the stress limits at the serviceability limit state.
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Aside from the Lasoft 4.0 package, MC-Bauchemie also offers MC-DUR CFK as a complete, integrated CFRP system comprising building authority-approved components especially developed for structural reinforcement applications. From Colusal VL corrosion-inhibiting primer, the bond coat MC-DUR 1009 HB and the levelling mortar MC-DUR 1000 Parat 09, through to the duromer adhesive MC-DUR 1280 and the MC-DUR CFK (CFRP) strips and plates, all the components of the system have been thoroughly coordinated and compliance-tested. The strips and plates are provided with a detachable protective fabric on both sides to ensure clean contact with the adhesive layer. This and the profiled surface of the MC-DUR CFRP components means that the bond strength can be up to 40% higher than in the case of smooth strips and plates. With MC-DUR CF sheets, MC-Bauchemie also offers reinforcing fabrics comprising unidirectional carbon fibres designed for lamination on the concrete surface for the absorption of tensile stresses. The main areas of application are column confinement, crack arrest and enhancing and consolidating the load-bearing capacity of shear walls and shell constructions. Special components were also developed for the MC-DUR CF Sheets system and have been likewise coordinated and compliance-tested: from the laminating resin MC-DUR 1209 and the adhesive MC-DUR 1209 TX to the MC-DUR CF sheets themselves.
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Unique software: Unlike conventional programs, Lasoft 4.0, comprises not just a dimensioning but also an extensive structural analysis capability.
Unique software: Unlike conventional programs, Lasoft 4.0, comprises not just a dimensioning but also an extensive structural analysis capability.
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