• Increases plasticity, air entrainment and prolonged workability
  • Improves resistance to weathering and frost actions
  • Provides excellent water retention
  • Improves the bonding properties
  • Reduces the segregation and bleeding tendencies of the mortar
  • Minimizes shrinkage, cracking and crazing in screeds or renders
  • Reduces water absorption and penetration
  • Reduces/ eliminates the need for lime in the mix (cost saving)
  • Improves resistance to moisture ingress
  • Improves imperviousness and resistance to aggressive industrial influences
  • Reduces the possibility of lime bloom and efflorescence
  • Reduces dropping and wastage of the mortar (cost saving)
  • Provides durable and improved finishes
  • Easier spreading/application
  • Reduces the amount of mixing water thereby reduces the shrinkage
  • Makes very economical plasters and mortars (less material, less rebound and wastage)


  • As admixture in all mortars, wherever more workability, waterproofing, easy spreadability and cost saving is required
  • Mortars for Brickwork and Block work
  • Mortars for Rendering for internal & external surfaces
  • Mortars for Plastering work
  • Mortars for Pointing and Patching work
  • Mortars for rough cast concrete or pebbledash
  • Screeds


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