• Contains no chloride
  • Improves workability, thus improving compaction
  • Improves Plasticizing properties, cohesion and in resisting freezing and thawing
  • Reduction in amount of mixing water required
  • Improves compaction
  • Reduces water cement ratio, thereby increasing strength
  • Increases resilience of mortars
  • Resistance to attack by deicing salts and freeze-thaw cycles
  • The concrete produced with MC-Plast AEA is homogeneous and free from bleeding
  • Air entrainment of microscopic bubbles assists in producing cohesive concrete which reduces segregation


  • Suitable for site produced and ready mix concrete
  • Suitable for light weight aggregate concrete
  • MC-Plast AEA is particularly suited for pre-cast industries
  • MC-Plast AEA is specially suited for preparation of plaster and masonry mortars
  • Addition of MC-Plast AEA avoids honey combing
  • It can be effectively used as an admixture for concrete prepared at site, ready mix concrete and light weight aggregate concrete


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