• Improves adhesive bond between existing concrete or mortar & new concrete or mortar
  • Improves flexibility of hardened mortars, thus avoiding stresses in repair/screed system
  • Improves compressive & flexural strength
  • Reduces water absorption, improves waterproofing properties
  • Plasticizes mortar mixes for better workability
  • Improves water retention in mortars


  • The production of structural leveling compounds and bonded screeds
  • The production of repair mortars, g. in the repair and filling of structural concrete in bridge building and civil engineering
  • For waterproofing mortars for roofs, basements,
  • Cold-joints between old and new concrete can be made strong and non-permeable with bonding slurry consisting of Nafufill BB2 and cement mortar
  • Improvement of the mechanical and technological characteristics of ready-to-use coarse and fine repair mortars intended for the repair of concrete


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