• Emcoril® AC protects freshly placed concrete against quick drying by acute sunrays, UV Resistant
  • Particularly suitable where early plastering is required
  • Optimum hydration leading to stronger end hydration products
  • Enables better quality control at sites
  • Does not affect the normal setting of cement
  • Minimizing the shrinkage cracks on account of curing at early stages
  • Single application thereby saving of labor cost
  • Easy to Ideal for overhead curing and for curing of normally inaccessible places as in chimneys etc.
  • Ideal for curing at places having water shortage, eliminates the need for 28 days water spraying, hessian, PE films
  • Better solar reflectance and helps lower the temperature of concrete
  • Heals Micro-cracks in the concrete, needs no removal before subsequent treatment


  • Emcoril® AC can be used everywhere, where efficient curing is very suitable for large areas of concretes that are directly exposed to sunlight, heavy winds and other environmental influences.
  • Areas where early plastering is foreseen
  • Concrete bridges
  • Canal linings and other structures
  • Airport structures, motorways and harbors, port piers,
  • Dams and other irrigation related structures
  • Roof decks, slabs, retaining walls
  • Over head patch repairs and inaccessible areas
  • Chimneys, cooling towers and other tall structure


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