• Admixture for waterproofing polymer plasters and polymer modified mortars for concrete repairs
  • Acrylic copolymer based material for protection of concrete and masonry
  • Resistant to microorganisms, fungus, algae and moss
  • Resistant to alkali and water
  • Non toxic, Ideal for waterproofing of potable water tanks
  • Free from chlorides and other harmful ingredients
  • Does not get affected by Ultraviolet rays
  • Bonds tenaciously with almost every building material


  • Suitable for waterproofing of basements, sunken slab of toilets, terraces, roofs, etc.
  • Suitable as admixtures for repairing concrete, masonry, surfacing and renders in conjunction with cement
  • Repair component for repairing spalled concrete, floors, cantilever, domes, sunken slabs for water closets, etc.
  • Bonding additive for new to old concrete
  • Admixture for cement based exterior coating
  • Bonding additive for tile fixing
  • Second component of Dichtament DS-Flex flexible waterproofing system


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