• Strength of adhesion to the base is distinctly improved allowing structural bonds between existing substrate and fresh mortar
  • Non-toxic and can be used with potable water
  • Nafufill SBR admixed mortars are easy to work with and can be drawn to very thin layers
  • The modulus of elasticity is reduced; flexibility of hardened mortars is improved thus avoiding stress cracks in the repair/screed systems
  • The compressive and flexural strength is increased compared to the reference mix
  • More economical than Epoxy or Polyester Resin mortar
  • The fresh mortar is considerably plasticized
  • Reduced degree of shrinkage
  • Increased bending tensile strengths
  • Controlled thermal expansion
  • Increased chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Lowering the permeability and chloride ingress


  • The production of repair mortars, e.g. in the repair and filling of structural concrete in bridge building and civil engineering
  • Bonding slurry between hardened concrete and fresh topping of concrete or mortars
  • For bonding new cementitious materials to existing cementitious substrates on horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Cold joints between old and new concrete can be made strong and non-permeable with bonding slurry consisting of Nafufill SBR and cement mortar
  • Bonding mortars for bonding of hard-burned bricks, asbestos cement, natural stones, tiles etc.
  • Repairs mortars for mending damaged spots in precast concrete industry


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