• Provides an efficient adhesion and bonding of mortars, concrete and plaster to old hardened concrete or mortars bases
  • Nafufill admixed mortars are easy to work with and can be drawn to very thin layers
  • Nafufill increases the elasticity of the mortars and concretes and therefore prevents the formation of stress cracks in the hardened and set mortars or concretes
  • Nafufill increases the resistance of the screeds, plasters and concrete against attack by oils


  • Waterproofing mortars and slurries
  • Repair and patching mortars for efficient repairs of screeds, steps, and similar damages on concrete and mortars surfaces
  • Leveling and smoothening mortars for thin layer applications
  • Mortars to bond tiles efficiently to wall and for laying tiles on floors using thin bed method
  • Bonding slurry g y between hardened concrete and fresh toppings of concrete or mortars
  • Repair mortars for mending damaged spots in precast concrete industry, pipe lines, etc.
  • Dado mortars subjected to high wearing and exposed to water
  • Bonding mortars for bonding for hard-burned bricks, asbestos cement, natural stones, tiles etc.
  • Cement screeds, gypsum and lime plaster


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