• One -Component with Dual Shrinkage Compensation Properties
  • Hand and wet spray application
  • Statically allowable
  • High Carbonation resistance
  • Resistance to de-icing salts, chloride-proof
  • Class R4 according to EN 1504 part 3


  • Concrete replacement for the repair by SPCC / PCC-areas for relevant and irrelevant for structural integrity, vertical, overhead, dynamically and non-dynamically loaded structure application.
  • Suitable for the SPCC / PCC application in Tunnels, Industrial buildings, Dock yard, bridges, water retaining structures etc.
  • Suitable exposure classes acc to DIN 1045-2/EN 206-1/EN-1992-1: XO, XC1-XC4, XD1-XD3, XS1-XS3, XF1-XF4, XA1-XA3
  • Repair and anode embedding mortar according to EN 12696 for repair principle “Cathodic corrosion Protection of steel in Concrete”


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