• Non-Metallic, Dry Shake, Non-Rusting concrete Floor Hardener with high abrasion resistance properties
  • Durable and maintenance free provides high wear resistance to concrete Surface
  • Withstands almost all type of mechanical stresses such as rolling, sliding, percussion impact, abrasion etc
  • Deicer resistant and resistant to petrol, mineral oil etc
  • Provides Non-Skid surface


  • Suitable for application in automobile plants, aircraft hangars, foundries, dairies, tanneries, breweries, chemical plants, electrical plants, power plants, food industries, pharmaceutical plants, printing presses, public buildings, metallurgical industry, military and ammunition factory, slaughter houses, steel mills, etc
  • Also suitable for toppings & floorings of storage warehouses, loading and unloading bays, civil engineering and hydraulic structures, passage-ways, exhibition halls, stadiums, railway platforms, utility buildings, bunkers and courtyards, traffic use, workshops, shop floors, shipyards, car-ramps, or for any indoor or outdoor floor installations etc


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