• Emcekrete guarantees a permanent, reliable connection and bond between machine bases and the foundation of structure
  • Good pourability and flowability even at low water – powder ratio
  • High early and final strength
  • Suitable for grouting height up to 100 mm
  • Emcekrete Provides Good Dynamic Load Resistance.
  • Non-Flammable according to EN 13501- class A1.
  • Emcekrete Provides Shrinkage compensation as per ASTM C -1107 Grade A.
  • Ready to use – Simply Mix with Water
  • Certified as anchoring product acc to EN 1504-6
  • Emcekrete is free from harmful chlorides and other aggressive constituents. Adjacent steel areas are permanently protected against corrosion.


  • Grouting of rigid joints e.g. between pre-cast elements or between pre-cast elements and in-situ concrete
  • Grouting of power station equipment and machine foundations, like turbine foundations, generators, compressors and engines.
  • Grouting for anchor screws, fixing and base plates, steel and concrete supports, bridge bearings and crane rails.
  • Grouting of Steel constructions, fastening bolts and steel elements in concrete.
  • Suitable exposure classes acc to DIN 1045-2/EN 206-1/EN-1992-1: XO, XC1-XC4, XD1-XD3, XS1-XS3, XF1-XF4, XA1-XA3
  • Suitable moisture classes due to alkali-silica reaction: WO, WF, WA


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