• Hydraulically setting, premixed, ready to use, polymer modified grout for injections
  • Creates an integral waterproofing barrier and prevents water penetration and rising dampness
  • The injection grout is waterproof and non-shrink, thereby the cracks, crevices, and cavities are optimally filled and waterproof
  • On account of its plasticizing characteristics it ensures good flow, even while gravity grouting
  • Due to high dispersion Centricrete does not settle and remains in suspension even if pumped under pressure
  • The grout develops higher compressive and flexural strengths compared to normal cement grouts
  • Alkaline therefore, it prevents the carbonation in concrete and thus effectively protects the reinforcement against corrosion
  • Improves imperviousness and resistance to aggressive industrial influences


  • Foundation rafts and construction joints in basements etc.
  • Brickwork injections for damp proofing course
  • Cracks and cavities in masonry
  • Cracks in concrete where sealing and structural repairs are required
  • Voids in roofs and joints between parapet walls and slabs
  • Everywhere a cementitious injection is specified or required such as in constructions and structures like bridges, flyovers, subways, underground structures, residential and commercial buildings, hotels, airports, sport stadium, sewage plants, industrial buildings, factories, sheds, warehouses reservoirs and storage constructions, powder plants, railway structures etc.


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