• Low viscosity, polyurethane based duromer resin
  • Good injectability
  • Long pot life
  • Variable reactivity
  • Water displacing
  • High compressive and tensile strength
  • Limited foaming when reactive resin is mixed with water (closed cell rigid foam)


  • S ealing and reinforcing cavities and cracks in structures made of concrete, natural stone, in
    building construction, hydraulic engineering and tunnels
  • Sealing and consolidation of cracks and cavities in loose rock, mountain rock and similar areas
  • Sealing of sheet pilings, diaphragm walls above or below ground water levels
  • Sealing of leakages in drinking water structures, pipe sockets, etc.
  • Solidification of subsoil in foundation engineering
  • Sealing of pressurized strong water ingress


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