• Very low-viscosity acrylic-based hydrogel
  • Very good injectability
  • Readily controllable injection path propagation thanks to controllable reaction time
  • Very low application temperature
  • Reliable sealing/waterproofing due to high elasticity and good swelling capacity
  • Durably water-impermeable in moist media
  • General building authority approval issued by DIBt for injection into soil and groundwater
  • Fulfils the UBA (German environmental agency) guidelines for sealants in contact with potable water
  • High chemical resistance especially in highly alkaline environments
  • REACH exposure: water contact permanent, inhalation periodic, processing and application
  • Environmental Product Declaration EPD


  • Swelling flexible filling sealant for cracks, construction joints, expansion joints and cavities in permanently
    damp concrete and masonry
  • Subsequent vertical sealing of masonry
  • Subsequent formation of a horizontal barrier/DPC in masonry
  • Injection of waterproofing membrane into interstitial spaces between buildings
  • Injection of waterproofing membrane into foundation soil (curtain injection)


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