• Crack Bridging coating for strained facades and concrete surfaces on the basis of modified pure acrylic dispersion.
  • Resistant to carbonation, Water repellent
  • Seamless membrane with breathing capacity
  • Weathering and ultra violet (UV) resistant
  • Solvent free, safe and non-corrosive
  • Application by roller or spraying
  • Certified in accordance with EN 1504 part 2
  • Certified in accordance with IRC SP:80-2008


  • Concrete protection system against aggressive pollutants.
  • Carbonation resistant coating for protection of new concrete, repaired concrete, old facades,
  • Protective coating for concrete subjected to adverse climatic conditions like in Tunnels, cooling towers, chimneys, bridges, Jetties Etc
  • Suitable for marine environment exposed concrete like above the splash zones.
  • Protective coating for strained concrete facades due to hair cracks, crazing and shrinkage cracks
  • Principle 1,2 and 8: Procedure 1.3,2.2 and 8.2 (EN 1504-9)


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