• Samafit VK is a two Component, ready to use, product that has to be just introduced in predrilled holes
  • Easy Application. The two components should not be mixed together but should be introduced in the holes separately after a proper time gap
  • The two components react in the capillaries and form a gel product, which makes the capillaries non-wettable
  • Prevents water rise in the capillaries against gravity and therefore controls rising dampness
  • Samafit VK protects the structures from the dampness, which normally encourages moss, fungus growths and root growth. The decay in the wood is controlled and efflorescence is prevented. The walls are rendered dry for better plastering and painting. The process of silicification renders the capillaries hydrophobic


  • Samafit VK can be universally used wherever the water ingress is due to capillary action. It is most efficient in solving the problem of rising dampness
  • Samafit VK can be effectively used for masonry superstructures as well as porous construction materials, which are unconventional
  • It can be very effectively used for old structures, monuments and for structures in areas having a high water table in addition to prevent the rising dampness occurring due to splashing rains in the lower unprotected splashing zones. Samafit VK can be also used in cases of water rising due to proximity of flowerbeds etc.


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