• Coated surfaces are hydrophobic, impermeable to water, dampness, reduce the risk of efflorescence, moss and fungus growth
  • Protects the cementitious surfaces against freeze thaw cycles while still retaining properties of the substrate
  • Due to flexible and elastic properties of the system, the risk of cracks formation is minimized
  • System does not contain any solvents, due to which it is non-toxic
  • The coating can easily be provided on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces
  • Provides excellent adhesion to substrates, and is resistant to alkalis and UV- rays
  • System, after curing provides a flexible and elastic, cracks bridging (at least 0.7 mm) and waterproof layer
  • The coatings of possess good non-aging properties and abrasion resistance


  • Provides outstanding waterproofing & damp proofing to concrete, brick and masonry work, plaster, cement render etc
  • Can be used in underground shafts, tunnels, roof slabs, bathrooms, basements, foundation walls, footings, retaining walls, etc
  • Surfaces exposed to dampness, moisture as well as substrates subjected to moss and fungus can successfully be resurfaced
  • Foundation walls, footings, retaining walls etc. subjected to ground moisture, water and salt efflorescence can be well protected


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