• Imparts impermeability to water and dampness to coated surfaces
  • Gives surfaces that are efflorescence-free, moss-resistant and resistant to fungus growth
  • Maintains the breathing properties of concrete
  • Due to excellent adhesion and thixotropic properties, vertical and inclined surfaces can be easily coated
  • Possesses high flexural and tensile strengths and provides for thermal movements
  • Is free of chlorides, water-soluble halogens and corrosive substances
  • Is resistant to alkalis and UV-rays. It is also non-toxic and non-combustible
  • System protects cementitious substrates against freeze-thaw cycles


  • Outstanding waterproof and damp proof coat for concrete structures, brick and masonry works, cement renders, plasters
  • Underground shafts and garages, retaining walls, tunnels, water tanks, roof slabs, sewers and basements
  • Resurfacing of bathrooms, cellar walls and floors exposed to dampness and attacks from moss and fungus
  • Foundation walls and footings subjected to ground moisture, water and salt efflorescence can be well protected with coating of Dichtament® DS2
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