• Optimum protection of facades from pelting rains and precipitation moisture by virtue of deep penetrating capacity • Water based and solvent free
  • Possesses deep penetrating effects and is delivered in ready-to-use consistency
  • Does not seal surface pores and maintains the original breathing capacity of concrete • Leaves interiors dry under all weather conditions
  • Prevents damage of masonry exposed to aggressive atmosphere especially by frost
  • Prevents efflorescence and checks moss and fungus growth
  • It has good penetration capacity on low absorption surfaces as well as on fine-pore or moist (not wet) surfaces
  • It is effective 1 to 2 hours after application. The impregnation with Emcephob® SH is the unaffected by rains
  • It does not bring about change in colour or structure of impregnated areas
  • It shields effectively the facades against dust and soot
  • It provides long lasting and durable impregnation to facades supplemented by water repelling properties


  • Suitable for application on almost all types of common building materials
  • Suitable for porous as well as for undergrounds having slight absorption properties for e.g: Bricks, Unsintered clinker, Split Clinker, Façade stones, Light concrete, Cinder tiles and pumice, Fair faced concrete, Gas concrete, All types of plasters, Renderings, Cast stones, Gypsum boards and plasters


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