Emcephob® SX

  • Hydrophobic, colourless, transparent, siloxane impregnation with especially high alkali resistance
  • Especially good penetration on mineral based substrates, owing to special solvent combination
  • Dries tack free
  • Does not form a film

Emcephob® AC

  • Hydrophobic, siloxane – acrylate combination with extremely high resistance to UV rays
  • Transparent and film forming
  • Increased protection against atmospheric attack and carbonation of cementitious materials


  • Emcephob® SX is used to combat water penetration under all common concrete protection systems. Owing to its resistance to alkalis, Emcephob® SX is especially suited to concrete mortars
  • Emcephob® SX alone does not produce a “wetting effect” on mineral substrates
  • Emcephob® AC can be used in combination with Emcephob® SX as an hydrophobic, transparent, film-forming protection system for mineral substrates
  • Emcephob® AC provides Hydrophobic protection against atmospheric attack
  • Emcephob® AC causes darkening of light surfaces (wetting effect)
  • Emcephob® AC provides mproved resistance of concrete to frost spalling
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