• Higher bonding adhesive strength
  • Non saponifying type to ensure no loss of strengths over Passage of time
  • Suitable for interiors as well as exterior surfaces
  • Makes fixing of tiles on existing tiles possible
  • Suitable for absorbent as well as non absorbent surfaces
  • Very economical on account of thin bed method
  • Better workability to enable quicker work rhythm leading
  • Improved worker efficiency
  • Permanent bond to avoid recurring maintenance costs
  • High flexibility to counteract thermal stresses
  • Allows for correction of tiles within setting period
  • Suitable for horizontal, vertical or overhead surfaces
  • Suitable for multitude of surfaces
  • Eliminates pre-wetting of tiles, marbles, stones, etc.
  • Eliminates batting and therefore no breakage or wastage
  • Neat and clean bonding guaranteed.
  • Totally avoids iron staining of marble slabs


  • Fixing of tiles on floors and walls
  • Bonding of heavy marble, granite and stone slabs of exterior claddings.
  • Fixing of tiles on surfaces like plaster, marine plywood, cement bound boards or various other absorbent and non absorbent surfaces
  • Fixing of tiles on existing tiles
  • Bonding of polystyrene and other insulation boards by thin bed method
  • For fixing of tiles in interiors as well as exteriors
  • Bonding of tiles for overhead surfaces
  • For fixing marble, mosaics, glass mosaics and other ceramics in case of murals etc.


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